Tam Mason Nourishing Hand Serum

Tam Mason Nourishing Hand Serum

[unpaid/sample] I’d be the first to confess to not paying my hands enough attention although I am trying to remember to use SPF on them with a 7/10 approximate success rate! My nails aren’t great which is a source of disappointment because I used to love painting them but I think a mix of gardening and getting older mean that they’re prone to peeling and breaking although I do use nail oil every day. I feel I’ve seen some improvements which is partly down to some supplements I’m trialling for sponsored content in a month or so and partly because it’s summer and they like the heat.

Tam Mason Nourishing Hand Serum
Tam Mason Nourishing Hand Serum

I think the Hand Serum is for when your hands and nails need extra attention – if you think about how you layer products on your face, it’s really no different, and I think hands get the short straw because we all know to work any excess face products into our hands but it’s not really enough unless you’ve over-estimated and at £30 or more for a face serum, we don’t make that mistake too often!

Tam Mason Nourishing Hand Serum
Tam Mason

If you like to pamper your hands, apply the serum (which is a blend of shea butter oil, oat oil, rosehip, Vitamin E and Kiwi seed oil) under your hand cream and you will soon see the extra results in terms of hydration. It acts as a nail oil too and fingers crossed for improvements there for me. There is an essential oil fragrance – verbena, black pepper and lavender – which is lovely although the verbena predominates and personally I’d have preferred more lavender. It’s £22 HERE.

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