One Year on…Party, Party.

The Grand Oriental Hotel

A year on Friday given that I left England. It seems longer than that, do not you think? Often it seems ages and ages because I saw you all, and yet the reality of not having had any winter season makes it seem wrong somehow.


I am cross, cross. The other day George saw Mr Maldook and he asked us to go to supper with them tonight where at I rejoiced at a lot dissipation. Today I had a note from Mrs Stanley Bois asking us to go to supper this evening and on to an efficiency of San Joy at the general public Hall, whereat I cussed. It is regrettable after such an age of dullness to get two invitations in the very same evening and I wish to see the Bois a lot although at the very same time I wish to see the Waldocks too as I believe Mrs is really nice. I seem doomed never ever to see Mrs Stanley Bois as when we called previously she was upcountry. Now to make me even crosser we have simply had an invitation to a dance provided by the Hockey and Football Club, naturally George used to come from it when he resided in Veyangoda. It is on Dec 14th and I dont see how we can perhaps come down for it, as in the very first location we cant afford it and I do not anticipate George could get away once again so quickly. It would be all right if just we understood someone who might put us up.

Nov 27th 1900

I do hope you have not been and gone and invested a whole heap on Xmas presents for us, when I consider ours to you and what they cost us, really absolutely nothing at all, it makes me feel extremely imply. Naturally George and I expect a present between us, at least you have given George one currently, so tell Mother not to be so foolish. I understand what an old problem she is with regard to presents for people. I dont understand what she thinks we anticipate, but I am quite sure it will not be anything like what we will get, but all the exact same I shall be very cross if you have actually spent a lot in between you. I am so happy to hear you are sending us a Xmas pudding. We were so hoping you would but I did not like to ask for it, specifically after demanding the cake and I thought perhaps it would be rather a bother and Mother especially as currants etc are really dear this year, arent they. Of course I like almonds quite also only did not think of them as we have constantly utilized walnuts, and besides I knew they were much dearer. I hope you have not been extravagant over that cake. I am extremely glad you iced it, even if it does get smashed, it would not seem at all Christmassy if you hadnt. Oh dear, I shall hate Xmas in this beastly environment. Fancy consuming Xmas pudding with the thermometer nearly 90 degrees.


George thanks you quite for the instalment of Hockeys. He was really happy to get them.

I am sorry to hear that Alice is going. Nasty little monster to give see simply before the winter season. I do hope you will get another all right and at any rate have the ability to make her stay on through December, but it is terrible to consider you again investing your vacations toiling over house-work.

Poor little Nancy. I am so sorry to hear of her being so ill and do hope she is rather well by now. Did she get it? I suppose she started by having a cold? Barbara has had German measles, hasnt she? Joyce has not had anything? Good little Joyce *.

It is roaring something great. I must leave off as I am too near the window to be enjoyable. Naturally George is out. I want he would get home soon. It is nearly 5 and I desire my tea.

We came down from N. Eliya yesterday, very sorry to leave although we ought not to grumble as we have actually been there a month all but three days, a minimum of, I have. George, obviously, missed out on 4 days when he went down to Marawila.

George will have a great deal more to do now but he is not to get more in repercussion. They have actually got to pay both Mr Waldock and Mr Harbor six months salary in lieu of notice so possibly when they have actually worked that off we might have a look in. One thing, it is rather an excellent thing to live at Veyangoda and that is it doesnt matter much how we dress, while of course in Colombo we should both have to get a lot of new things.

We were not entirely done the other day, as when Mrs Bois got my note saying we couldnt dine with them, she wrote once again asking us to go to tea rather. She sent out the Victoria to fulfill us and after tea took me for a jolly drive in a pet dog cart. George remained with Stanley and went to the Club with him.

Ive forgotten when the Addiscombe dance is. I do hope you will sell all your tickets. Is Dorry going or not? Fancy Mrs D. sending us a cake. It is jolly of her. I hope your cold soon went; it is early to begin one in October.

Dearest Tommie

We are going to Horekelly on Thursday and we truly dont know yet the length of time we are to stay there. George heard from Mr Martin that the choice has actually not been offered at Marawila yet. It is to be done on the 3rd so George will be there all right. Mr Martin had actually heard that it is to be retried but not officially yet and he stated he supposed it would come off about the 19th or 20th. That will be running extremely near Christmas so we may remain on at Horekelly till after as it would be rather horrid to be in the throes of a carry on Xmas day. Mr Harbor leaves Veyangoda on the 12th and as we hear that your house will desire a lot of doing up and whitewashing, it would barely be ready for us before completion of the month.

We had an extremely nice evening, only just ourselves. Mrs Waldock is a very enjoyable little lady, quite young, just 24 or 25. He is precisely like Charlie Davis both in face and build, only fairer and not shy. They have two boys, one two and a half and the other eighteen months, such jolly little chaps, she took me to see them in bed, in very spread eagle mindsets, the infant with his little nightgown well up under his armpits. I like the Bois too. Stanley is extremely great, not a bit like Percy, taller and great looking with blue eyes and a very lovely moustache. He talks exactly like Percy, it is rather ludicrous. She is very enjoyable and chatty. I dont believe she is a perfect wife precisely as she is very selfish and shallow but she is extremely nice on the surface. We did not return from the Waldocks till previous eleven and we just could not do our packaging and be up once again by six today so we are going by the afternoon boat to Negombo and after that on by the coach on Friday. It wont make any difference to our expense here and will be a lot less tiring. I have never remained in the boat prior to. It is a picky, flat-bottomed steamer, and of course cant go really quick in the canal, however it will be a modification from that beastly coach.

I do intend to hear a good account of Mother next week. If just you can get hold of a decent servant soon. What a trial they are!

Much love and kisses to everyone

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It is on Dec 14th and I do not see how we can perhaps come down for it, as in the first location we cant afford it and I dont expect George could get away again so quickly. George will have an excellent offer more to do now however he is not to get more in repercussion. Of course George and I anticipate a present between us, at least you have actually given George one already, so tell Mother not to be so foolish. We were not completely done the other day, as when Mrs Bois got my note stating we couldnt dine with them, she composed once again asking us to go to tea rather. We did not get back from the Waldocks till previous eleven and we merely couldnt do our packaging and be up once again by six this early morning so we are going by the afternoon boat to Negombo and then on by the coach on Friday.

* I remember meeting Joyce and her sis, Nancy, in a nursing home in Worthing in the 1970s. Cant rather work out their relationship to me. I believe they must have been Mabs nieces so I suppose that makes them my very first cousins twice removed?

from Mab

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