- OK, So Now Can We Talk About A Republic?
(Image: Gorkie/Private Media)

The long period of mourning is almost over, and England’s former colonies are now making plans for what’s next. In the next few years, at least six Caribbean nations are expected to follow Barbados in breaking the last ties with the monarchy and becoming a republic. There’s talk that even Northern Ireland and Scotland, part of the United Kingdom, might use the queen’s death to exit from the UK.

Meanwhile, in two of the most significant countries of the shrinking realm — Australia and New Zealand — we can’t even talk about life after the queen, all the while being soothed by politicians with words that make no sense. To wit, claims that a republic is “inevitable” by precisely those who could bring one about, but who are telling us they won’t be lifting a finger to do so.

Here’s Jacinda Ardern about a republic after the queen died: “I believe it’s likely to occur in my lifetime, but I don’t see it as a short-term measure or anything that is on the agenda anytime soon.”