Hello Sainsburys Summer Dress!

Hello Sainsburys Summer Dress!

[affiliate/ad] I have completely gone off at a tangent for today’s post – I had some lovely summery Mavalas lined up but I found this dress and had to share it! During lockdown, when only the supermarkets were open, was when I really, properly looked at TU clothing – I even bought a couple of things and was thrilled with them. I’ve seen very little that I’ve wanted to buy – a few H&M pieces but nothing ‘premium’ has moved me for ages. My favourite jeans, AG Jeans, are over £200 a pair and I just can’t (although don’t hold me to it … I get weak..). Anyway, looking for yellow suede shoes (a craving which I think will pass) this dress popped up and I wish I’d seen it before my holiday.

Hello Sainsburys Summer Dress!
Sainsbury’s Dress

I can’t believe it’s £22. At the time of writing all sizes are in stock from 8 to 22 with the exception of size 10. It’s HERE. I mean, it’s beach, party, garden, work and play all at once. What a find.

Hello Sainsburys Summer Dress!
Sun hat

So, then I took a look at hats because Lucy bought such a lovely one when she was away a few weeks ago and it made me think of buying one and I found this for £10 HERE.

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Hello Sainsburys Summer Dress!
Sun Hat

Then this one for £9 HERE.

Hello Sainsburys Summer Dress!

I actually bought this Tiger T-shirt for yoga a couple of weeks ago – it’s still in stock – for £8 HERE. It goes up to size 26. Actually, if you put ‘animal print’ into the TU site search, that seems to be where the good stuff lives. I’ve now got a big urge to rush down to the big Sainsbury’s nearest me now and forget about more posts! I’ll wait but… the urge is strong :-)))

Non-affiliate link HERE. 

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