AI Platforms – A Comprehensive Guide

We help you attain your business procedure change objectives with our distinct AI offerings such as Open AI Platform and Open AI services.

Easy combination.
NLP abilities.
Analytics tools to assist you.
Multi-language assistance.

IBM Cloud.

We keep our AI Platform extremely trusted with a detailed testing approach. We likewise fulfill the growing requirements of business by ensuring high scalability with our open AI platform.

Having gone over so numerous kinds of ML platforms, their functions, and offerings, the next question is– how to select the very best ML Platform for an enterprise AI adoption. Well, to address this Million-Dollar concern, we require to think about a couple of crucial elements, such as.

Googles Cloud Vision API is useful to recognize things, logo designs, and landmarks within material or images. Google supplies Natural Language API to bring more clarity in content classification, entities, syntax, and sentiments. Further, Google speech API assists in transforming audio to text and acknowledging 110 languages.

While talking about these life-changing technological transformations, AI or artificial intelligence is worthy of a front seat due to its amazing contribution and abilities. Now everyone knows AI has endless prospective simply from developing amusing faces in mobile to taking smart and educated company decisions.

Our AI platform ensures multiple benefits to your business while keeping AI adoptions costs low and making sure faster AI executions. We can sum up the advantages of Attri Open AI Platform as under–.

Google ML Kit.

An ideal AI platform should ensure the following features for better addressing different obstacles.

This method provides an outstanding AI platform solution for companies searching for versatile, low-cost, change-oriented AI services and having a DIY spirit. With this mix-and-match method, you can integrate APIs provided by various cloud platforms and provide AI services that accommodate your AI usage cases. Organizations utilizing the best-of-breed technique are more comfortable with technology moves with their capabilities to use, swap and embrace out tools as requirement changes.

AI Conversational Platforms.

Google leverages enterprise AI experience through its consumer-facing products. Google helps improve consumer satisfaction through Contact Center AI.

No Code AI Platforms.

With loads of AI platform suppliers offered in the market, AI platform classification becomes a tough job, as it requires thinking separately on each platforms offerings, its features, and cost aspects. You require to examine whether AI solutions are open source AI platforms or proprietary offerings.

Intelligent Virtual Assistants.

The high degree of customization for chatbots.
Comprehensive analytics with FAQs and alerts.
Easy combination with ML models and channels.
Flexible release.
Supported with a multi-pronged NLP engine.

AI technology helps systems to imitate human conversations to a particular level and with terrific precision. An AI offering- Natural Language processing is used to form these conversations by understanding intent, text, speech, and languages.

Google cloud.

Customizable best-of-breed architecture.
Use existing infrastructure.

As gone over above, AI platform classification demands platform factors to consider from various perspectives. We are introducing another category of AI platforms– No Code AI Platforms. The inspiration behind introducing these platforms is to encourage enterprise AI adoption while keeping AI execution costs low and decreasing dependencies on skilled experts. Many IT giants are now offering no-code AI Platforms to enterprises for their AI adoption.

No supplier lock-in.

Diving Deeper With AI Platforms.

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Use of huge information to develop ML solutions.
Make sure openness and reproducibility within a project.
Speed up collaboration and governance within teams.
Guarantee scalability for ever-growing maker discovering demands.

An open-source model format allows artificial intelligence through different structures and hardware platforms of the users choice.

Googles Cloud ML services facilitate much better decision-making with end-to-end ML services. Google offers an all-inclusive ML advancement platform that makes it possible for efficient decision-making backed by explainable AI, constant evaluation, information labeling, pipelines, training, and what-if tool. This platform is based on the TensorFlow framework and it makes it possible for building predictive models for various circumstances.

The Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is a Google offering for cloud-driven computing services created to support multiple use cases such as hosting containerized applications, massive-scale data analytics platforms, and even using ML and AI for company usage cases. Google AI Platform is a Google Cloud offering that assists construct, manage and release machine knowing models in the cloud.

Jaimin Dave– A marketing specialist working with Attri is the industrys very first interoperable end-to-end business AI & & ML platform, assisting companies to build, deploy and keep track of designs, I like to share latest innovation associated articles of AI, ML, Data science, MLOps and more.

High reliability.

All significant cloud service providers use cloud-based AI platforms to boost companies with AI abilities. With cloud AI platforms, business can utilize cloud providers matchless technical proficiency to overcome affordability and information requirement challenges related to AI implementation. Cloud-based AI offerings benefit organizations with economic AI services, defined and pre-packaged services, lower risks, and modern-day technology.

Similar to Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure ML capabilities are based on its real-time and live applications. Azure offers superior device finding out abilities to develop, train, and deploy machine learning models through Azure Machine Learning, Azure Databricks, and ONNX.

Amazon Web Services.

SAP Conversational AI is one of the leading conversational AI platforms. With its friendly UI and numerous versioning, it provides a better experience of imitating human conversations. SAP Conversational AI Platform utilizes NLP to help with developing chatbot that works more humanely and serves your customers 24 * 7. Its striking features include–.

Expert system enables machines to mimic human intelligence throughout a range of domains varying from analytical and reasoning to General Intelligence and in-depth knowledge representation. With incredible development in AI, another enabler came into existence and received attention– AI platforms. AI-platform is a layer that incorporates all the tools and procedures required to develop, release and keep track of ML models. In this article, we will go through the numerous elements of AI platforms covering a series of subjects like AI Platform types, the benefits such platforms involve, selection method in detail as well as a brief check out Attris market contribution with an Open AI Platform.

Open-source platform.
NLP capabilities.
Supports discovering on-demand video or music.
Quick chat-based transactions.

The best-of-breed technique allows utilizing the preferred and custom-made tools for each stage of the lifecycle and lining up these tools together to construct a personalized platform option for AI adoption.

A powerful self-learning Conversational AI Platform enriched with NLP abilities and device knowing. It protects leading position in the Conversational AI Platform list due to its knowing from previous discussions and enhancing reactions with time. Its feature set consist of–.

An innovative giant IBM also brought AI based discovering platform just recently to help scholastic stakeholder like students, researchers and instructors.

The AI Platform acts as a layer over your present AI facilities and incorporates all the tools and processes required to establish ML designs. As talked about above, AI platform classification necessitates platform considerations from different viewpoints. We are presenting another classification of AI platforms– No Code AI Platforms. With this mix-and-match technique, you can integrate APIs offered by various cloud platforms and provide AI solutions that cater to your AI use cases.

The AI Platform acts as a layer over your existing AI infrastructure and incorporates all the tools and processes needed to develop ML models. AI platform makes your AI adoption simple by achieving the following requirements–.

You will be able to complete the best AI Platform Selection technique for your enterprise once you come up with answers to these questions. It can be a distinct cloud platform, or even it can be a hybrid option with a “best-of-breed” method.

Conversational platforms take advantage of your client experience with a range of applications such as follow-up, guidance, or the resolution of customer questions and round-the-clock support. These platforms are helpful to drive more leads, increase conversions by cross-selling and upselling, promotional efforts, consumer research study, inquiries resolution and client feedback handling, etc.


Attris AI Platform incorporates numerous AI services and eliminates the need for reinventing total AI suites. The platform thrills business with scalability, the capability to recycle existing infrastructure, and adjustable architecture.

Attris Open AI Platform makes sure sped up GTM with a sincere technique to screening, reviewing, and finalizing recommendation templates for various markets.

IBM has actually brought Watson studio an information analysis application to speed up development and ML-centric practices in company. IBM Cloud AI Platform uses 170 services with more emphasis on data-speech conversions and analytics. Watson Studio uses an all-encompassing suite to deal with information and train, develop and release ML designs.

Service Process AI Transformation Simplified With Attris Open AI Platform.

RapidMiner Studio allows effective information analytics with drag and drop functions. Rapidminer Studio enables easy combination with databases, storage facilities, social networks for simple data access by authorized individuals.

RapidMiner Studio.

No efforts in reinventing complete AI suites.

AI as a platform solution.
Decreased effort in moving to a new technology.
Centralized Monitoring and Governance.
Responsible and explainable AI.

With Open AI Platform, we bring client-friendly policies such as no supplier lock-in and versatility to choose their favored tools and innovation.

Conversational AI opens brand-new doors for automated discussions in between an enterprise and its customers. These conversations include messaging or voice-based communication platforms to allow text or audio-based conversation.

Kubeflow is a Cloud-Native and open-source platform that helps you build portable ML pipelines that can be executed on-premises or on the cloud. With this, you can access Google technologies like TPUs, TensorFlow, and TFX tools as you release your ML models in production.

At Attri, we offer AI platform solutions to varied market verticals. With our flagship Open AI Platform, we increase your AI adoption experience with an abundant selection of platform functions like–.

It is an excellent choice as a Deep-Domain Conversational AI Platform with NLP abilities. It can be used for both text-based and voice-based virtual assistants. This platform efficiently accommodates numerous industries and their various use cases. Examine its striking features list–.

Google ML Kit comes with Android and iOS and it assists in the integration of functions with lower codes or with minimum knowledge of device learning algorithms. This open source AI Platform supports different features such as text acknowledgment, face detection, and landmark recognition.

We have chosen to present an AI platform classification based upon its striking functions and offerings. With this, we have classified AI platforms across 3 primary classes–.

Formerly known as Azure Search, this is the only cloud search service that allows built-in AI capabilities to check out content effectively at scale. Microsoft empowers the user with cognitive search services like text analytics, translation, file analytics, custom vision, and Azure Machine Learning options.

AI Platform Classification.

SAP Conversational AI.

The intelligent virtual assistants represent a sophisticated level of Conversational AI and their conversation is insufficient without a mention to Siri and Alexa. Most popular intelligent virtual assistants include Siri by Apple, Alexa by Amazon, Google Assistant, and Bixby by Samsung. While Alexa performs as a voice assistant for the house, Siri and Bixby stand as mobile assistants with many operations support like navigation, text-to-speech, response to weather, fast reply, and address search.

AWS offers a detailed set of AI services to dominate significant hurdles in the AI adoption journey of organizations. AWS has been acknowledged as the upper cloud AI partner with its broad capable portfolio. AWS is one of the leading cloud AI partners that cater to your AI adoption needs.

Smooth access control: Ensure robust access control to employee in order to conquer the challenge of central data access with AI projects.
Excellent tracking: Integrate top-notch observability practices while establishing ML models.
Data and technology-agnostic combination: Seamless experience to business with facilities set up obligation handed over to platform providers.
All-encompassing Platform: Single platform to facilitate all underlying jobs from data preparation to model release.
Constant Improvement: Ability to produce and release designs as a reproducible bundle and therefore integrate changes with designs that are already in production.
Quick Processing: Faster information preparation and effective visual user interfaces.

Jaimin Dave.

AI cloud-based platforms.
AI conversational platforms.
No code AI platforms.

In this post, we will go through the numerous aspects of AI platforms covering a range of subjects like AI Platform types, the advantages such platforms involve, choice strategy in detail as well as a quick appearance into Attris industry contribution with an Open AI Platform.


No technical knowledge needed.
Self-learning capabilities.
NLP capabilities.

Microsoft Azure.

For expert ML developers, Google provides an Open Source AI platform with TensorFlow models that are trained for different situations. It offers an excellent prediction service utilizing skilled models.

All-in-one platform technique includes getting one end-to-end platform for the entire AI task lifecycle from raw information prep to ETL to building and operationalizing designs followed by monitoring and governance of systems.

Who will use and benefit from the AI Platform? It is required to learn AI platform users here, the data science group, analytics team, developers, and how the platform will benefit each stakeholder.
The next element is to explore the ability levels of AI platform users, are they skilled to deal with ML advancement and analytics requirements with years of experience.
Proficiency of users with programming languages.
The next point in finalizing the AI platform technique is to conclude code-first or code-free techniques to improve AI workflows. This element can be studied by considering various attributes such as data preparation ease, function engineering automation, ML algorithms, Model Deployment ease, and platform integration aspects.

An enterprise-grade Conversational AI Platform to cater to your customer in addition to personnel requirements. It helps to construct a virtual chatbot for any appropriate platform without compromising the security and security standards. Its major functions cover–.

A Python-based ML service to assist in automatic artificial intelligence.

A comprehensive guide compiled to present readers to AI platforms, their types, and benefits. A concluding area to discuss AI platform choice strategy with Attris Finest of Type technique to build AI platforms..

ML Platform Selection Strategy.

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